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MOF AM G2000 Blue Gaming Headphone

MOF AM G2000 Blue Gaming Headphone

Mahmayi AM G2000 Blue Gaming Headphone

Product size (L x W x H): 18.50 x 19.00 x 10.50 cm

Product weight: 0.3180 kg

Model: G2000

Type: Over-ear Headphone

ENLIGHTEN YOUR GAMING WORLD: We would be lighting your gaming world with our premium quality headphones which have the bounty of remarkable features. Our headphones are embedded with Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) on their top and side-by-side which gives them an exuberant look. For these LED’s we have given a USB connection. You just have to plug-in into the USB port and enjoy a wonderful gaming experience with LED lights.

ADJUSTABLE HEADPHONES: Our headphones are different from others in terms of agility too. You could freely change size or adjust the size of our headphones as they are very nimble. Adjust the size of the headphone according to the size of your head to have the best results.

SUPPLENESS: Our Headphones are very flexible as they are manufactured from malleable materials. Our headphones have gone through several flexibility tests and after which we concluded that our headphones can withstand any bending or folding tests.

VOLUME CONTROLLER: Our Headphones came up with a special Rotary Volume Controller button with which you could easily control the volume of our Headphones. The key could make an action of 360 degrees with ease.

Exquisite Design: Our headphones are engineered with noise cancellation that makes quiet sound quieter and music sound better. We crafted these headphones using premium materials which make them lightweight and comfortable for all-day listening. Lightweight stylish design with an adjustable headband, leather ear cushion, and headband. Foldable design for easy storage. Take it anywhere you go. Let it be part of your gaming & music experience.