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MOF Booth AH123 Sit Stand Workstation

MOF Booth AH123 Sit Stand Workstation

Sizes Available: 90cm | Color: Black | 1 Years Warranty

Booth AH123 Sit Stand Workstation

Type: Workstation

Dimensions: W75 x D67 x H42–42.5 cms

Color: Black

Material: MDF

Product Specifications:

Suitable for both home and office setups, the Booth AH123 Sit Stand Workstation is an ideal work setup for anyone spending hours sitting and working.

Height adjustable standing desks are a preferred option for health reasons. We all know the negative health impact of sitting continuously for hours at end, which is often the reason for obesity and cardiovascular health problems.

Mahmayi brings its clients the Booth AH123 Sit Stand Workstation that is an easy convertible from a sitting working desk to a standing one with the movement of a few gears.


Installing the Booth AH123 Sit Stand Workstation is simple. The package comes with an easy-to-follow DIY manual. The C-clamp design gives maximum surface area contact and stability for the devices installed.

The construction is heavy-duty which will maintain stability while converting from sitting to standing posture or vice versa. The overall dimension of the product is W75cm x D67cm x H42cm – 42.5cms.


The sit stand workstation has a maximum universal VESA compatibility of 100x100mm. Also, the maximum load capacity will be 29 lbs or 13 kgs, which covers most of the laptops and monitors available in the market.

The total weight capacity will be around 15 kgs, which includes devices, phones, documents, and tablets. The setup supports a maximum of a 27-inch monitor.


The Booth AH123 is an ergonomic workstation built to transform a sedentary lifestyle into an active one. The workstation is built keeping the neutral posture of the user and voluntary movement in mind, which reduces stress on the neck, arms, and the back.

The right ergonomic workstation setting will give maximum flexibility.

Alignment and Conversion

The eye-level alignment between the desk and the person is perfect, whether the person is standing or sitting for work. There is no need to strain the neck or look downward while standing to access the devices.

There is a pneumatic level on the side for converting the workstation from sitting to standing upright posture, and vice versa. It is truly a versatile system.


Simply wipe the dust with a dry cloth.

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