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MOF Cosmos JX 2 Seater Metal Bench

MOF Cosmos JX 2 Seater Metal Bench

Sizes Available: 2 Seater | Color: Silver | 1 Years Warranty

  • The contemporary design makes it so sleek and attractive
  • Electroplated steel metal bench not only looks strong but is really so
  • The dainty looks in lustrous gray make it an eye-catching piece
  • W109cms x D40cms x H78cms backed up with 2-year warranty
  • Make waiting for appointments a pleasure with this wonder metal bench

2 Seater Metal Bench
Some situations require rugged metal benches where synthetics and fabrics will not do. The two-Seater metal bench is sturdy enough to withstand the elements though it is traditionally used indoors.

A Heavy-Duty Treat For The Eyes
With a grip as firm as a rock upon the ground, forget about flimsy and delicate furniture. An able-bodied strength is an inspiration. Feel good about the looks and texture, steel and the flowing design. A positive statement and stimulating vibes flow in all directions, practically functional in a range of establishments that attract visitors and guests all day long. While other kinds of furniture may give up, the steel metal bench remains fresh as ever.

Consider The Steel Thickness
Materials like steel and wood, cloth and plastics come in a range of widths and weights that decide potency. The beam, seat, and back are made of 1.5 mm steel. The powder-coated arms and legs contain 1.2 mm steel. It makes up a very sturdy structure that can tolerate a lot of abuse but be careful. Even if left outdoors day and night, it will suffer little damage but avoid water.

Easy Maintenance
A metal bench that looks after itself, dusting and wiping is all the maintenance that will be needed. Getting rid of marks and stains will be necessary to maintain the good looks and the polished appearance. These steel metal benches get through online.

Cost-Effective, Robust Seating For 2
While single-seaters and three-seaters metal benches are also available, the two-seater looks good and accommodates a couple well. Affordable and smart, you certainly need it. Get it from office metal benches suppliers in Dubai

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