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MOF Etra 0016 Visitors Chair Black Mesh

MOF Etra 0016 Visitors Chair Black Mesh

Sizes Available: Visitor/Guest | Color: Black | 1 Years Warranty

Etra 0016 Visitors Chair Black Mesh

Type: Visitors Chair

Dimensions: W50cms x D55cms x H105cms

Color: Black 

Material: Mesh

Product Specifications:

  • Put a smile on the faces of guests and visitors
  • Clients and partners need to be seated comfortably
  • Fabric seat and mesh back chair ensure a restful seating experience
  • W50cms x D55cms x H105cms and 1-year warranty

Visitors Chair Black Mesh
While planning an office or a workspace, chairs for seating guests and visitors would be significant. Everything about a company makes a positive impression and creates goodwill and understanding. Make sure that they have nice things to say about the seats.

Comfort and Modern Design Combine Exceptionally Well
Contemporary technological times with images and videos have become very conscious of good looks. It is the simple but striking good looks in black that attract most about the chair. The mesh back brings an exotic appearance that is also functionally important to promote air circulation to relieve stuffy environments.

Cater to Visitors With a Row of These Welcoming Chairs
Customer-friendly, in terms of pricing, does make a difference since budgets are sometimes very restrictive. Body contours fit smoothly within the chair structure, and the healthiest posture is maintained. All ages and especially the seniors need a little more of the ease that such a chair promotes. You will find guests taking with happiness to the seating accommodation along with whatever else is planned for them like refreshments or newspapers, tokens and leaflets.

Glance Closer at The Excellent Construction
The fabric seat is very comfy rather than synthetics. Breathable back with the mesh upholstery is distinctive indeed. Not only are they rotating armrests but are supported by soft arm pads. A polished cantilever base provides firm support. Contact commercial office chairs based in Dubai.

Black is Certainly Universal
Sensationally bright colors do not suit specific environments that need the solemn look and feel, especially working places. Besides, there will arise no matching problems with neutral shades. Black is also easier to maintain since marks do not show up. A little dusting is all that you need to do but protect from the natural elements. Modern furniture stores in Abu Dhabi will supply orders promptly.

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