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MOF Leeco SST Fire Safe with 2 Key Locks 53Kgs

MOF Leeco SST Fire Safe with 2 Key Locks 53Kgs

Sizes Available: 8-53Kgs | Color: Grey | 1 Years Warranty

Leeco SST Fire Safe with 2 Key Locks 53Kgs

Type: Heavy-duty metal construction

External Dimensions: W34.5cm x D40cm x H51.5cm

Internal Dimensions: W21.4cm x D26.7cm x H35.4cm

Gross Weight: 53 Kgs

This high quality and premium fire-resistant Leeco SST Fire Safe is built strong and ensures all the valuables stored inside are safe. The heavy-duty vault is constructed to be explosion and fire resistant, and comes with a premium hammer tone paint finish, making it great for both personal and commercial use.

Commendable Build Quality

The Leeco SST Fire Safe is one of the best fireproof safes in the market that can handle almost any abuse while still maintaining its shape and keeping the stored valuables safe inside. The heavy metal construction gives it enough protection against fire and water, which makes sure that all belongings are protected irrespective of harsh scenarios.

The thick metal wall provides enough protection from any drop or impact. This fireproof home safe weighs 53 kgs and comes with 2 keys for the locking mechanism, adding to overall security. The heavyweight is due to the sturdy metal built. Therefore, do not try moving it around yourselves. The safe comes with the Japanese Industrial Standard rating for being fireproof. It is a certified statement that it can handle fire for almost two continuous hours without succumbing.

The locker consists of an adjustable shelf that divides the central area into two different parts. It also has a drawer at the bottom to store smaller objects. The locker is excellent to secure cash, documents, and jewelry as it provides complete protection in case of fire or from water along with dual key security.

The Leeco Brand

Leeco delivers one of the best fireproof and waterproof safes in the industry. This safe is already one of our best-selling products. It is the best fireproof safe for cash. It has multiple benefits for a home safe:

The fireproof safe is meant for home and indoor use unless mentioned explicitly. While it is built to withstand any damage and impact; however, some polish and chemicals may damage the exterior of the safe. It is recommended to clean the safe with regular or damp fabric cloth.

This product is only meant for adult use and is not suitable for children or infants. Drawers and adjustable shelves have an applicable load rating. Do not put any extra weight over the recommended rating.

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