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MOF R06 Apple Cherry Office Reception Desk – 120cm

MOF R06 Apple Cherry Office Reception Desk – 120cm

Sizes Available: 120cm | Color: Apple Cherry | 1 Years Warranty

Mahmayi R06 Apple Cherry Office Reception Desk- 120cm


Type: Reception Desk


Dimensions: W120 x D65 x H103.5 Cms


Color: Apple Cherry


Material: MDF



Product Specifications:

Looking for a functional reception desk for an office? A tidy, neat, elegant, and functional reception desk helps to manage a business better. Mahmayi brings the R06 Apple cherry Office Reception Desk for all official purposes and with a dimension of W120 x D65cm x H103.5cm. Built with Apple cherry gloss medium-density fibreboard (MDF) and metal accessories, the R06 Apple cherry Office Reception Desk is a valuable investment.

Look and Feel

The reception desk is the first thing a client or a business associate notices, and therefore, it is necessary to get the first impression right. A modern reception desk should be elegant, classy, shiny and clean for a professional outlook. The R06 Ultra Modern Reception Desk is painted pure Oak and built with Apple cherry gloss MDF and accessorized with metal cabinets. The first look is pure precision and professionalism. The neatness will impress anyone.


The R06 Ultra Modern Reception Desk can accommodate two receptionists comfortably. Check out our selection of reception chairs to match this one before making a purchase.


Other features of the contemporary and modern desk include:

  • High gloss painted white finish
  • The thick front panel that looks and feels sturdy
  • Tempered work surface space adequately supported by metal


Avoid liquids like water or chemicals. Spillage might leave stains and chemicals can spoil it altogether. Use a dry cloth to wipe it clean.


The package contains a dedicated manual to assemble the ultra-modern reception desk. Reach out to our Support is help is required for assembling the desk.

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