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MOF Safa 2254 Two Seater Sofa Black PU

MOF Safa 2254 Two Seater Sofa Black PU

Sizes Available: 2 Seater | Color: Black | 1 Years Warranty

  • This two-seater sofa is made from polyurethane leather, and high-density foam makes it most comfortable.
  • Dimensions: W125cms x D75cms x H86cms
  • Color: Black
  • Type: Wide seater (860mm)
  • Warranty period: 2 Years against all manufacturing fault

Description Of Two Seater Sofa
You can opt for this two Seater Sofa as it is comfortable, durable, and stylish, with a long life. The material from which it is made from is leatherite that is polyurethane leather and high-density foam that makes it one of the most comfortable two-seater sofa. It comes with a stainless steel frame and high-density foam that makes the product design look attractive. It is a wide seater type of sofa. The seat dimensions are (W x D): 1030 x 740 millimeters.

It is designed to be stylish, lightweight as well as comfortable. Durability or heaviness provided according to the company care instruction.

Designed For Comfort
As well as with comfort, this sofa has a dynamic design too. The sofa upholstery is raised from ground zero on the chrome stainless steel base. This ultra-modern office lounge seater comes with stainless steel frame and high-density foam, which makes its design attractive. The color of the two-seater sofa is black, which suites it and makes it too attractive. The chrome makes it shiny, which makes it beautiful.

One can follow the care tips carefully so that the sofa will be prevented from any damage. First of all, it is strictly manufactured for indoor use only. The use of some chemicals might damage the chair upholstery. In case any water spoilage occurs, it should be cleaned immediately with any dry cloth. It can be detrimental to stand on the chair or sofa as it can cause heavy or serious injury. This product is not suitable for infants, toddlers, and small children. Keeping very hot or icy materials directly might cause serious damage to the product component, so it is always recommended to use coasters or mats

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