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MOF Secure SD101T Fire Safe with 2 Key Locks 30Kgs

MOF Secure SD101T Fire Safe with 2 Key Locks 30Kgs

Sizes Available: 8-53Kgs | Color: Grey | 1 Years Warranty

Secure SD101T Fire Safe with 2 Key Locks 30Kgs

Maximum weight:  30kg

External Dimensions: W30.0cm x L33.0cm x H43.5cm

Internal Dimensions: W23cm x D22.4cm x H33.5cm

Material: Stainless Steel

When it comes to storing your valuables safely, Secure SD101T Fire Safe with 2 Key Locks 30Kgs is the perfect safe. This product allows you to store assets, protecting them from external factors such as humidity, theft, or loss of valuables due to carelessness.

Built To Satisfy
The commitment of this safe is to meet your security demands through external factors that may compromise your valuable things. Its design is made to last for a long time while preserving valuables without creating moisture inside.

It is manufactured in requisite dimensions to satisfy the safety standards in houses as well as commercial establishments. The safe comes with extended durability along with a double lock to provide high security.

The fireproof safe withstands high temperatures in the event of an unfortunate or unforeseen accident. It takes care of your precious documents from theft or from people who want to compromise the security of your belongings.

It is the best fireproof safe you can find in the online market with all the guarantees.

Mahmayi offers the highest level of satisfaction and guarantees product quality and durability. You will never have to worry about the safekeeping of relevant documents and valuables like cash and jewelry.

Highest Rated Fireproof Safe
Keep your documents and essentials fireproof away from prying eyes with our double lock design for added security. The safe is perfectly suitable for various businesses to protect your cash and legal documents.

The gross weight of this box is 30Kgs, making it ideal for carrying and fitting anywhere.

It is of Japanese origin and can withstand even explosions, which makes it ideal for the protection of valuable goods. It can resist fire for continuous 1 hour as per Japanese Industrial Standard and Korean Standard.

If you need a fireproof and waterproof safe, this is the perfect option. There is a two-year guarantee on this product if you find any manufacturing or transit defects. Overall, it is an excellent choice if you are looking for a movable safety box.

Care Instructions
If spills occur, it should be cleaned immediately before possible leaks. This product is for indoor use. It should not be left within reach of children to avoid potential accidents with the object.

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