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MOF Sophia Modular Three Seater Sofa

MOF Sophia Modular Three Seater Sofa

Sizes Available: 3 Seater | Color: Grey | 1 Years Warranty

  • Three seaters modular sofa
  • Dimensions W210cmsXD47cmsXH78cms
  • Practical and Durable square modular sofa
  • Backshell white and grey base
  • Plug and play power outlet

Sophia Modular Three Seater Sofa
This three-seater sofa needs more space and thus it would be advisable to measure the space before purchasing. This can be used for office or home space. This comfortable and elegant sofa gives the best look for the interiors. The back shell white and grey mixed leatherette upholstery make the interior look rich. The armrest with the nailhead trim gives a comfortable seating to the user. Plug and play power outlet allows the use of the computer. Game players or work alcoholics would like to relax and continue in their work on this sofa.

The Legs
The legs of the modern three-seater sofa give a robust and safe look. The legs balance the weight of the sofa and the user at all times without losing balance. The grey legs contrast the shell white background. The three-seater looks like three single-seater joined together.

Comfort & Relaxation
This three-seater sofa looks good near the reception table or in guest rooms. The people who have traveled from far would love to sit in a comfortable seat. This seat would give them all the comfort and relaxation for all the time they are seated on it. If they have some urgent commitments on the computer there is the plug and play outlet which helps them to carry on their jobs.

The three-seater sofa is installed by the office chairs online sellers. Once it is installed it would be better to take the help of experts to shift it to any other place for safety reasons. It needs some space as it is a three-seater.

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