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MOF Tijori 77 Fire Safe with 2 Key Locks 140Kgs

MOF Tijori 77 Fire Safe with 2 Key Locks 140Kgs

Sizes Available: 140kgs | Color: Grey | 1 Years Warranty

Tijori 77 Fire Safe with 2 Key Locks 140Kgs

Dimension: W50.5 x D47 x H77cm

Color: Grey

Material: Steel

Product Type: Safe

The Tijori 77 Fire Safe with 2 Key Locks fireproof safe is from the exclusive Tijori range of safes and vaults. This fireproof home safe is built to be better and much stronger than the other safe in its range. It is the heaviest in this category at 140kg, which shows that the heavy metal construction is much more robust and durable.

Heavy Duty Built And Great Finishing
The safe is excellent to look at. It comes with a premium hammer tone finish on the outside. Its door has been finished with a premium gold color. This makes the safes look much more attractive than others.

It is tested to be fire safe, which is common in almost all the models of the Tijori series. The safe is entirely fire-resistant for two hours as per standards set by the Underwriters Laboratories, Japanese Industrial Standard, and Korean Standard.

Apart from being fire resistant, the safe is also tested for multiple drops and explosions. This makes sure that no matter what happens outside, the things inside are not affected and remain safe.

The safe comes with an adjustable shelf and a drawer to arrange things effortlessly. The overall built will not allow any unauthorized or forceful access to the contents of the fireproof home safe.

Dual Key Lock Mechanism
The fire safe has been built strong and also comes with an additional layer of security in the form of dual key locks. The dual key locks make sure that any person cannot access the safe except the owner.

It requires a person to use both the keys simultaneously to open the safe. Unless the person accessing it has both the keys, it is impossible to open it. The dual key lock also helps in cases where someone has access to one key. Since the locker uses two keys to open, using one key will be useless.

It comes with a 2-year warranty to make sure that the customer is completely satisfied and the purchase isn’t affected by manufacturing defects.

Care Instruction
With a beautiful golden premium hammer tone finish, the safe looks excellent and will look nice no matter where you place it at home. Apart from that, one needs to make sure that any chemical or polish used on it can damage the outer finish. You can wipe it clean with a damp cloth.

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