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MOF Victory 130 Fire Safe with 2 Key Locks 130Kgs

MOF Victory 130 Fire Safe with 2 Key Locks 130Kgs

Sizes Available: 130kgs | Color: Grey | 1 Years Warranty

Victory 130 Fire Safe with 2 Key Locks 130Kgs

Dimension: W50 x D52 x H75cm

Color: Grey

Material: Steel

Product Type: Safe

Mahmayi has a lot of different range and options when it comes to home safes. The Victory 130 Fire Safe with 2 Key Locks is not just fire resistant but also comes with a premium and heavy built body that weighs up to 130 kg.

The heavy metal safe comes with a dual key lock system to provide additional security to the belongings inside and is one of the best fireproof safes in the market.

Durable And Looks Excellent
The safe has not just been built strong but also has a beautiful hammer tone finish on the outside. The overall body has been painted in grey, and the door is painted in dark, dull green color, which makes it a great to look from the outside, and it can easily match the decor of any room.

The outer finish makes the safe look robust and sturdy. Apart from this, the small dimensions make it convenient to keep it in a cupboard or any other place at home.

The safe is also fire resistant as per the Vietnam Standard. The safe can withstand the fire for continuous two hours while keeping the belongings inside safe and secure.

It consists of one drawer and an adjustable shelf that gives functional organizing space for your valuable items.

It has also been tested for drops and explosions where it maintained its structure from the outside.

Dual Key Locking Mechanism
The safe has been built with thick and heavy metal walls so that it cannot be broken or forced open by an unauthorized person. Additionally, the safe comes with a dual key lock system, which adds an extra layer of security.

One can only open the locker only when both the keys are used together. This makes sure that only the owner can access it. In case someone gets their hands on one key, they will still not be able to open it without the other.

With a weight of 130 kg, it is easily noticeable that the product has some excellent quality built, and thick metal sheets have been used to prepare it. Although all our products are made to last for a long time and keep the items inside secure, Mahmayi still provides a two years warranty on their fireproof wall safes.

Care Instructions
The company recommends that no chemical spray or polish should be used on the safe, to make sure that the outer body does not get damaged.

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