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MOF Victory T53 Stainless Steel Safe with 2 Key Locks – Grey

MOF Victory T53 Stainless Steel Safe with 2 Key Locks – Grey

Sizes Available: 8-53Kgs | Color: Grey | 1 Years Warranty

Victory T53 Stainless Steel Safe with 2 Key Locks – Grey

External Dimensions: W34.3cm x D42.6cm x H51.6cm

Internal Dimensions: W21.7cm x D26.2cm x H35.7cm

Locking Mechanism: 2 Key Locks

Gross Weight: 53 Kgs


Looking for a vault that will safeguard all your valuables? The Victory T53 Fire Safe with 2 Key Locks should be the perfect choice. With its high-end features, this safe ranks extraordinarily in its utility.

Built and Dimensions

It comes in a compact shape and size that fits in most cupboards, wardrobes, and closets well. The external dimensions of this floor safe are 34.6 x 42.6 x 51.6 cm, while the internal dimensions are 21.7 x 26.2 x 35.7 cm in width, depth, and height, respectively. It has a gross weight of 53 kilos. It is perfect for storing your relevant documents, jewelry, or cash.

The small fireproof safe comes in a hammertone grey exterior finish, which readily binds to any setting, be it your office or home. The rugged construction of the safe has concealed joints that offer superior safety along with reliable strength. It prevents intruders from accessing the safe easily.

It has one adjustable shelf along with a compact drawer for storing all your prized possessions effortlessly. The adjustable space helps in optimizing the storage of the locker while accommodating the items comfortably by adjusting accordingly.

1. Fire Resistant Safe

2. Fire Rating: Vietnam Standard (1Hr)

3. Features: Fire endurance and explosion tested; drop tested; hammertone paint finish

Fire Resistance

The most distinct feature of our safe is its fire resistance property. This gives added security to the valuable belongings in your vault in case of a fire accident or arson.

This vault has a fire rating of 2 hours by Vietnam Standards. Also, it is fire endurance and explosion tested to further ensure a secure and dependable built.

You can rest assured about the structural integrity of the product as it also undergoes a drop test, which ensures that the vault is not fragile and can endure heavy impacts.

Locking Mechanism

The locking mechanism makes the safe impossible to crack as its two-key lock mechanisms are reinforced enough to withstand or resist any forced attempts to separate the lock from the entire ensemble.

This locker is sure to be an excellent provision to safeguard your valuables from any physical or forced break-in attempts. The twin key lock adds an extra layer of security to the accessibility of the vault. It offers advanced protection against theft and other unauthorized usages.

Only you will have the complete control to operate the vault with state-of-the-art twin lock system.

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