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Tips for Choosing the Right Office Furniture Dubai

Tips for Choosing the Right Office Furniture Dubai

Tips for Choosing the Right Office Furniture DubaiTips for Choosing the Right Office Furniture Dubai

Regardless whether you use to work from home or office, work directly affects and influences your performance and results. Therefore, to help you concentrate more easily and have better results in a short time, it is necessary to know a few simple rules for planning office furniture, office chair and computer. Below all you need to know about the perfect office, how to choose the right office furniture Dubai for your needs, which height your chair should have as well as how close it should be to closets and storage spaces. Here are some tips to consider when choosing your office furniture in Dubai:

1. Sufficient space

To be able to perform your daily activities in the best condition it is necessary for your office to present sufficient space, both in terms of furniture as well as room dimensions. Thus, generally speaking, the workbench must have the minimum dimensions of 75 × 150 cm. The distance from your eye to the monitor should be of approximately 70 cm.

2. An adequate amount of light

To have a greater power of concentration, light is just as important as the proper placing of furniture. Thus, it is necessary for the light (regardless of its nature, whether it’s natural or artificial) to not fall perpendicularly on your screen’s monitor or on your eyes. Light must have a lateral position.

3. The perfect seat

The office chair should have the following characteristics: to be ergonomic, be fitted with wheels and have and adjustable height. In addition to the health and comfort of your rear is recommended for its back to be adjustable (e.g. to have it inclined if needed). There are plenty of materials when it comes to office chairs, so it’s up to you to choose the preferred one.

4. An appropriate style

Choose a design style and do not deviate from it. If you do, then the end result will be an unpleasant mix of trends. The safest option relies in the minimalist and classic styles. Choose office furniture Dubai that is not out of style and do not get carried away by the wave of ephemeral trends. Quality should be a priority.

5. Furniture suited to the environment.

Each house and office is built differently; the lines are different, just as the space for the rooms is different, from one house or building to another. In addition, the arrangement of furniture and objects is a personal thing and is therefore treated according to taste, budget and specific needs. In this regard, you should always ensure that the furniture fits the space allotted.

6. Expensive furniture versus discounted furniture

Furniture found in physical or online stores at discounted prices generally belongs to the previous season, representing merchandise that was not sold. If your budget is limited, you can buy quality furniture at low prices, but some may regard it as “out of trend”.

On the other hand, if you have a generous budget, than you can opt for more expensive furniture, created according to the latest trends by famous designers. For some people, convenience is priceless, and they know that their chosen furniture assures comfort and quality.

7. Furniture and office design

Another very important aspect to keep in mind when you buy new furniture is the style arrangement that you adopt in the room, wall color, color of the floors and decorative objects. Office furniture Dubai must have the same design with the rest of the room and fit perfectly.

If you have a very small room or you want a specific type of furniture, do not hesitate to call the professionals and acquire furniture customized to your needs. Such furniture will fit perfectly in every room.

8. Quality is important

Regardless of the price of furniture, be very attentive to details. Seats must be necessarily have a backrest to support you well when standing behind the office and should have a shape and a height corresponding to a straight position. The seat’s bed must be comfortable and durable, made of quality materials.

Once you arrange the furniture and paint the walls, it is time to add a personal touch to the space. You can use many accessories: paintings, sculptures, photos and memorabilia. It’s a good idea to give employees some freedom to arrange their office, but beware as the place needs to stay practical and professional.

These are the most important tips to take into account when looking for office furniture Dubai. Keep in mind that everyone is different, so the style and appearance of the furniture will always be dictated by you.