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MOF Aura 840NSF Folding Guest Chair

MOF Aura 840NSF Folding Guest Chair

Sizes Available: Visitor/Guest | Color: Black | 1 Years Warranty

  • Quality fabric seat and fancy mesh back combine for a hearty experience
  • Multipurpose super chair for visitors and guests, students and teachers
  • High strength nylon elastic mesh promotes breathable durability
  • The modern design facilitates the right comfy posture
  • Classic black with silver-painted frame contrasts sharply
  • Dimensions: W47cms x D48cms x H94.5cms with 3-year warranty

Folding Guest Chair
Ample smart seating accommodation is required at every facility in the town and the home. Customers getting very choosy nowadays, only the best will do. Why not keep with the current trends and install a few of these modern, stylish guest chairs that require little space to store?

A Living Chair With Castors For Easy Mobility
Depending upon environments, it can get quite stuffy even amidst air-conditioning with waiting tensions and work deadlines to meet. Air is quietly circulating the body at the back through the nylon elastic mesh that is somewhat sturdy too. Ensure ease at study and work right through complicated situations and tough decision making or academic frenzy. Shifting around on castors does get rid of that ‘immobile as a rock’ feeling.

Which Color Would You Rather Have?
Though it is a dynamic world of bright hues like green that represents the environment, monochromes have a due place. Black is both chic and classic! The frame in silver relieves the black with fantastic effect. Black suits every kind of occasion through sheer brilliance. The mesh and the fabric shine on forever in lustrous black. Check out the office furniture shops.

The Benefits Of The Folding Technology
Designing required smart skills to enable the saving of storage space through the folding technique. Not every location is short of space, but many organizations and homes are congested. Put them away when not in use and quickly install them when the events unfold. Meetings official and personal, parties and get-togethers, the affordable smart chair serves many memorable occasions. Stylish office furniture UAE meets your every need.

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