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MOF Godrej & Boyce 53L Data Safe 155Kgs

MOF Godrej & Boyce 53L Data Safe 155Kgs

Sizes Available: 155Kgs | Color: White | 1 Years Warranty

Godrej & Boyce 53L Data Safe 155Kgs

Dimension: L66 x W55 x H74cm

Color: White

Material: Steel 

Product Type: Safe

Godrej & Boyce 53L Data Safe is one of the best products in its category when it comes to the types of safety features it has. There are very few products on the market that can provide protection from fire, dust, heat, moisture, electrostatics, and accidental damage. However, this safe provides complete all-round protection, making sure that all the items stored in the safe remain as it is, in any condition.

Heavy Duty Construction
The data line range of safe from the company is very popular and has been used by multiple customers already with largely positive feedback. Since the security and locking system by Godrej and Boyce is the best, it is recommended by all the consumers. This safe also comes in a premium finish of white color and has a heavy metal built. The overall built quality and shape are of top-notch and weigh around 155 kgs.

The safe is tested to be fireproof as per CBRI (Roorkee) for 1 hour. Also, it has been designed as per UL-72 Class 125 1Hour fire rating. The safe is also tested for explosion and drops to check the physical integrity of the device. The device stood well against pressure and maintained its physical structure.

The safe is said to be resistant against fire, dust, heat, moisture, electrostatics, and accidental damage. The internal dimensions are W30.2cm x D45cm x H40cm, which provides ample space for storage. It also has one internal shelf which is adjustable.

Locking Mechanism
The fire safe from Godrej and Boyce has the best locking mechanism in the industry. This is the reason why their fire safe is selected by Mahmayi. The two 10-levers high-security Godrej cylindrical locks is one of the best in the industry and has been used in multiple products of theirs. The locking mechanism cannot be opened forcefully with the keys. This makes sure that no one has access to the locker except the owner.

Apart from the locking mechanism, there are no visible joins in the construction of the body and the overall look provides a robust feel to the design.

The overall built quality is great and can easily absorb impacts from accidental drops or other strong impacts. The outer coating of the safe is done with a premium white finish.

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