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MOF Godrej & Boyce Forte Digital Safe 11Kgs

MOF Godrej & Boyce Forte Digital Safe 11Kgs

Sizes Available: 8-53Kgs | Color: Grey-White | 1 Years Warranty

Godrej & Boyce Forte Digital Safe 11Kgs

Type: Digital Safe

External Dimensions: W35 cm x D25 cm x H25.4 cm

Color: Grey-White

Weight: 11 Kgs

Material: Steel

Locking Mechanism: Digital

Product Specifications:

If you are looking to buy a strong and secure safe, then there should be no second thoughts in buying Godrej & Boyce Forte Digital Safe. This is one of the best safes in terms of security, locking mechanism, and the overall structural appearance. It’s manufacturing with mild steel makes the safe robust from the outside.

A Safe With Many Benefits
Mahmayi’s digital safe has W35 cm x D25 cm x H25.4 cm external dimensions, which makes it compact and leaves a smaller footprint. It not only offers extreme security but also makes it easier to carry and place anywhere you want, with just a gross weight of 11 kgs. Apart from that, it is a fireproof safe tested with Japanese quality standards that makes it reliable. This premium safe looks impeccable with its ivory-colored appearance. Moreover, its outer coating protects the surface from dust.

The product is made of mild steel and has an appealing design, in addition to its compact size that allows you to store your valuables in perfect condition without interference. You can be sure that you will make a worthy investment.

Cuboidal Locking Mechanism
The locking mechanism for Godrej and Boyce is well known in the industry as they have been a renowned brand in providing extreme good quality security locks. The locking mechanism in this safe is a Cuboidal Digital locking mechanism, which can be accessed with a 3-6 digit PIN. This pin protection with a modern security system makes it worth buying. In other words, it offers you complete peace of mind.

In a few cases where multiple wrong attempts are made, the auto free function locks the keypad entry for PIN and safely freezes the safe. Hence, the safe gets locked automatically.

It also has a low battery indicator and a non-volatile memory to prevent password erasures. You can entirely rely on this product, which is what matters the most for the company.

Care Instructions
Chemicals and polishers can damage the safes surface, so you should not use them on the product. You can clean your safe with a partially damp or dry cloth for cleaning purposes. Water spillage should be avoided, but in case it happens, simply wipe it off with a dry cloth.

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