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MOF Leeco PD20 Deposit Safe with Dial and Key 85Kgs

MOF Leeco PD20 Deposit Safe with Dial and Key 85Kgs

Sizes Available: 85 Kg | Color: Grey | 1 Years Warranty

Leeco PD20 Deposit Safe with Dial and Key 85Kgs

Type: Deposit Safe with Dial and Key 

External Dimensions: W34cm x D40cm x H78cm

Color: Grey

Gross Weight: 85Kgs

Locking Mechanism: Dial and Key 

One of the best offerings in the market for fire-resistant safe is the Leeco PD20 Deposit Safe. There are multiple features of this safe that makes it one of the most affordable security products in the market. It inherits the brilliant build quality and design from the other Leeco safe and is fire-resistant. Its lightweight construction and affordable price makes it a market bestseller.

High On Storage
The premium fire-resistant deposit safe has been designed to store large items and comes with two additional drawers to organize assets properly. The safe has also been tested for protection from any fire damage for continuous one hour. The fire-resistant feature has been rated by the Japanese Industrial Standard.

The entire safe has a heavy-duty metal construction and weighs around 85 kgs. The design has been divided into two, the main locker at the bottom and a separate drawer on the top with a separate opening. The external dimension of the safe is W34cm x D40cm x H78cm.

The safe comes in a beautiful grey hammer tone finish and provides a robust feel. The safe also comes tested through drops and explosion, making sure that it does not get damaged in any condition. Since the safe opening is separate for both sections, it is easier to organize storage.

Locking Mechanism
The locking mechanism is made from the best quality material and will work perfectly even after a long time of usage. The key locking system in the upper drawer provides good safety and the drawers cannot be opened with the key in any case. The locking mechanism of this Leeco fire safe has two different types of lock combinations – key and dial pad at the bottom section and key on the top drawers.

The bottom section of the locker has a large area and a smaller drawer. The upper drawer has a smaller drawer length of 10 cms, which makes it apt for storing smaller objects.

The overall built quality is great. One can use eco-friendly polish to give it shine and protection for a long time. The outer coating of the safe is done with a premium hammertone finish.

The device comes with a three year warranty against any manufacturing defects. Once delivered, our representatives will get in touch for feedback. Keep it away from water and chemicals.

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