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MOF SecurePlus 680-4DK 4 Drawer Fire Filing Cabinet 300Kgs

MOF SecurePlus 680-4DK 4 Drawer Fire Filing Cabinet 300Kgs

Sizes Available: 4 Drawer | Color: Grey | 1 Years Warranty

SecurePlus 680-4DK 4 Drawer Fire Filing Cabinet 300Kgs   

Dimension: 68*53*155cm(LWH)

Color: Grey

Material: Steel

Product Type: Filing Cabinate

When it comes to good built quality and storage space, SecurePlus 680-4DK 4 Drawer Fire Filing Cabinet is one of the best available options in the market. This premium finish four drawer filing cabinet comes with a central dial locking mechanism as well as an individual key lock for all four drawers. The fireproof file cabinet is made from graphite-based expansion fire protection material and is completely secure.

High Built Quality And Spacious

The filing cabinet has four drawers with a separate key lock for each drawer. However, the top drawer has a key and dial lock which acts as a double or centralized lock for all the other three drawers. The sturdy filing cabinet has been made from graphite-based expansion fire protection material which can endure heat from the fire up to 928 degrees for an hour. It has also been tested for explosion at a temperature of 1093 degrees, which helps to keep the files and documents inside safe.

The entire body is made out of heavy-duty material, due to which the weight of the box is 300kgs. The fire resistance has been checked through standards like Underwriters Laboratories klonopin buy (UL), KS Korean Standard test, SP Swedish National Testing certified, and Japan Industrial Standard (JIS). The premium hammer tone finish gives it a premium and robust look.

Central Locking Mechanism

When it comes to the locking mechanism, the filing cabinet has the most practical locks. A centralized lock to make sure that all the four the filing cabinets can be locked together and a separate key lock for all the drawers, in case only one cabinet needs to be accessed and used.

Centralized locking consists of a dial and key lock that act as a double lock for the cabinet. The locks are of great quality and cannot be opened forcefully. The outer body is finished with a premium grey color giving a classy look.

The device also comes with a three year warranty against any manufacturing defects. The safe has been made to last for a long period of time due to its premium quality.

Care Instructions

The external surface of the product is sensitive to harmful chemicals so one can use eco-friendly polish and cleaner to maintain its brightness for a long time. It is suggested that chemical products or water spillage should be avoided to make sure the outer body is not damaged.

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