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MOF Seguri 25EA Digital Safe

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MOF Seguri 25EA Digital Safe

Sizes Available: 25cm | Color: Beige | 1 Years Warranty

Seguri 25EA Digital Safe

Dimension: W35 x D25 x H25cm

Color: Beige

Material: Steel

Product Type: Safe

The Seguri 25EA Digital Safe is a great safe when it comes to using it as a small and compact locker. The safe has a robust built and is made out of heavy quality steel which gives its form factor great integrity against any kind of small impacts. This makes sure that the design and the body are never compromised on the structure. The locking mechanism is designed with modern technique and premium material and will work without any issues.

Compact Form Factor
With heavy-duty steel built and a weight of just 8 kgs, the digital safe is great for use at home and can be easily carried from one place to another. The compact form factor also makes it easier to store it in a cupboard or almirah. The overall dimensions of this safe give a smaller footprint and is ideal to store jewelry, cash or other valuable things. The outer structure has been built without any opening and concealing all the joints.

The pre-drilled holes inside the locker help a person to mount it on any surface. This feature is great in cases where a person lacks space to keep the locker and can easily mount it on a wall without taking any extra space. The powder-coated paint finish on the safe makes it look attractive in Beige color. The powder-coated finish is great for avoiding rust due to water spillage and also helps to keep the outer finish intact for a long time when compared to ordinary paint.

Digit Lock With Master Key
The Seguri brand of digital home safe comes with great quality locks that cannot be accessed without the key and PIN. The locks cannot be broken with any forceful attempts. This safe provides similar quality digital locks that require a PIN to open. Also, the 4 AA batteries power the digital lock, which removes the dependency on the electric connection.

Since it runs on batteries, it can be easily replaced in case the battery dies. It also has a low battery indicator which indicates way before the battery dies. In case a person cannot find batteries, a master key is provided with it, which can easily open the safe.

The device also comes with a one year warranty against any manufacturing defects. Once delivered, our representatives will get in touch for feedback.

Care Instructions
The safe requires a few precautions through which the outer finish life can be increased by years. Firstly, using a damp or dry cloth is the most preferred option for cleaning the safe and secondly, using any chemical product can damage the outer powder-coated layer. One can use organic polish if required.

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