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MOF Ultimate C8001 Modern Lounge Fabric Sofa Grey

MOF Ultimate C8001 Modern Lounge Fabric Sofa Grey

Sizes Available: Low Back | Color: Grey | 1 Years Warranty

Ultimate C8001 Modern Lounge Fabric Sofa Grey

Type: Lounge Sofa

Dimensions: W72 x D70 x H80 Cms

Color: Grey

Material: Fabric

Product Specifications:

The Mahmayi Ultimate C8001 Modern Lounge Seater in grey hues suits formal living and office space areas. It looks dapper, neat, and is ultra-comfortable with its plush cushion seat. Built with W72cm x D70cm x H80cm dimensions, the modern lounge seater is a perfect buy from Mahmayi.

Wooden Structure

The grey lounge seater is made with a high recessed solid wooden base to give the lounge seater a firm and balanced structure. The lounge seater wooden legs are packaged in a plastic cover to prevent scratches and skid marks on the flooring.


When choosing a lounge seater, comfortable seating is the topmost priority. Cushions that make back pain worse or make seating for hours an uncomfortable experience is not worth the dollars.

The Ultimate C8001 Modern Lounge Seater Grey curated by Mahmayi is upholstered with medium density polyurethane foam cushions that are tightly attached to the back and covered in a Dacron wrap. The upholstery foam meets the fire safety standards as it does not contain flame retardant additives.

Ergonomic Seating

The Mahmayi Ultimate C8001 Modern Lounge Seater offers ergonomic seating. Given the fact that the millennials spend most of the time seating for work or play, having a chair that is ergonomically fitted is common sense.

The lounge seater supports the back and the spine keeping both supine. The person does not slouch on the front. The steady armrest maintains the posture of the hand and the person is comfortably seated and relaxed.


The lounge chair should be dusted with a dry cloth or vacuum cleaned. Do not use liquids of any kind. It will leave a nasty patch and spoil the seater. The cushions and the seater will last for years without any need for replacement.

The grey colored lounge chair delivers a classic appeal of mid-century type furniture with tailored proportions and fine finishing. The frame is supported with a high-quality wooden base and the cushion is comfortable enough to support the back and spine.

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