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MOF Ultimate GT 007 Blue & Black Gaming Table

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MOF Ultimate GT 007 Blue & Black Gaming Table

Sizes Available: 141cm | Color: Blue | 1 Years Warranty

A dedicated professional gaming desk that helps to improve gaming productivity is brought to you by Mahmayi. The Ultimate GT 007 Gaming Table is part of an increasing collection of Mahmayi gaming desks. With a dimension of W141cm x D65.5cm xH81cm, the gaming table is spacious to move about comfortability and quite sturdy and strong for an unbeatable gaming experience.


The Mahmayi Ultimate GT 007 Gaming Table is built with high-quality carbon fiber on medium-density fiberboard (MDF) giving a smooth and shiny surface. The table has a Z pattern and the legs are made with black metal. Overall, the designer has played with black and Blue hues to give a powerful and contemporary impact.

A width of 141cm is just the right space a gamer needs. There is an elevated platform above the gaming desk where one or two desktops can be mounted and connected. There is a wide space for keeping the keyboard and the mouse.

Given the hours one spends as a professional gamer, a cup holder on the side for liquids is amazing. Space will hold a standard Starbucks sized cup. On the left panel, there is a gear hook to hang the headphone after hours of gaming or one can also use the space to tidy up the wires.

Also, the gaming table follows an ergonomic design which means that when a device is mounted, the angle will be at the eye level of the gamer. The tabletop is not high that the person has to stretch above to access the table surface.


The Mahmayi Ultimate GT 007 Gaming Table will fit any kind of space. Whether you want to keep this in a dedicated gaming room or in a lounge space or in your workspace, the gaming table will fit everywhere. The black and Blue color suits the common interior decors.


Use a dry cloth to clean the gaming table. Avoid using any liquid like cleaning chemicals.


The package comes with a detailed manual to assemble the Mahmayi Ultimate GT 007 Gaming Table but if any help is required, reach out to our dedicated 24×7 Support staff.

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