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MOF Ultimate GT 008 Gaming Table

MOF Ultimate GT 008 Gaming Table

Sizes Available: 135cm | Color: Black | 1 Years Warranty

Mahmayi Ultimate GT 008 Gaming Table

Dimensions: W135.5cm x D65.5cm xH89cm

Material: PU

Color: Black

Product Details: 

If you want to have a seamless gaming experience with an organized gaming station and access points, the Mahmayi Ultimate GT 008 Gaming Table will be your best investment. With W135.5cm x D65.5cm xH89cm dimensions, the gaming table looks aggressive and powerful and custom-built for sports fanatics interested in having a serious battle station.

The Mahmayi Ultimate GT 008 Gaming Table is high on its aesthetic value and packed with customizable accessories that are removable if the need arises.


The Ultimate GT 008 Gaming Table is built with medium-density fiberboard (MDF) with carbon fiber coated surface and black metal legs for high durability. It has a Z-shaped design and strong leveling feet to keep it unmoving. The MDF not only improves the appearance of the gaming table but strengthens the balance of the desk. It has a raised monitor shelf for better viewing, leaving a lot of surface space for playing comfortably.

Table Features

The Mahmayi Ultimate GT 008 Gaming Table has a dedicated removable gaming handle rack for keeping your gaming consoles. There is a normal-sized cup holder and a gear hook for hanging your headphones. you have a wider surface area to move the mouse and improve battle play. Right below the table is a meshed holding space to keep books or papers if you want.


Use a dry cloth to clean the gaming table. Avoid using any liquid like cleaning chemicals.

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