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MOF Venus 0201 Student Desk Set

MOF Venus 0201 Student Desk Set

Sizes Available: Student | Color: Grey | 1 Years Warranty

  • Table and chair set
  • Traditional student desk set
  • Dimensions of chair W36cms x D30cms x H38cms
  • Dimensions of Table W60cms x D40cms x H60-75cms
  • The powder-coated frame below desk and chair
  • Storage compartment below the desk

Venus 0201 Student Desk Set
This is a single-seater student desk set. Here the table has enough space for the student to keep his books and stationery while doing his homework. The storage below the desk allows him to store many things necessary while doing the homework like the geometry box, crayons and color pencils. The wood used here is the beach wood which is quite sturdy. The powder-coated frame below the desk and the chair makes them more robust and strong to hold the weight of the user. This set looks like a traditional set but is quite suitable for modern furniture.

Powder-Coated Frame
The powder-coated frame does not corrode if maintained well. This frame gives the required balance for the wood placed on the desk and the chair. The user will not tumble down while just moving front or back because of the powder-coated frame.

The wood surface makes the desk set look traditional. The wood gives the necessary comfort on the seat. The person feels more comfort while doing work on the plain and smooth surface of the wood. This office desk set is a combination of metal and wood.

The chair is designed in such a way that when they are not used the chair can be pushed below the surface of the desk. This makes the set to occupy lesser space. The color combination of the powder-coated frame and the wood would give a dash to the interiors. The whole desk chair set is light weighted and the user can handle them with confidence. The shock supports below the legs of the desk and the chair does not allow the flooring to get scratches.

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