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MOF VS HS20D Digital Safe Black 11Kg

MOF VS HS20D Digital Safe Black 11Kg

Sizes Available: 11kg | Color: Black | 1 Years Warranty

Mahmayi VS HS20D Digital Safe Black 11Kg

Product Type: Digital Safe

Internal Dimensions: 21.9 x 35.1 x 24.8 cm.

External Dimensions: 44 x 36 x 20 cm cm

Gross Weight: 11 Kg, Capacity: 8 – 53 kg.

Material: Stainless Steel.

Locking Mechanism: Dial + Key Lock

Color: Black

Product Overview

The Secureplus 225 Security Safe is built with solid steel construction, a pry-resistant door, and two live-locking bolts to keep your valuables secure. This safe includes a carpeted interior to keep your important valuables protected from damage during storage. digital keypad easily locks and unlock by entering your security combination. security code from 3-8 digits using any number from 0-9
that three continuous wrong entries will activate the warning beep for 20 seconds. safe is also fire resistant to provide safety to your valuables even at times of extremities.


Programmable Electronic Keypad

Equipped with a programmable electronic keypad, the Mahmayi digital safe offers quick set-up and easy operation. Simply enter the passcode using the keypad, then pull on the small handle to open the safe door.

2 Live-Door Bolts and Pry-Resistant Concealed Hinges

In addition to the electronic keypad, the ruggedly built digital safe features two live-door bolts and resistant concealed hinges for superior security and strength. these important components provide an added layer of defense, helping to prevent intruders from getting inside the safe.

Back-Up Key

Use the included emergency back-up key to completely bypass the electronic keypad. The key makes it possible to instantly open the safe and access stored items no need to remember the electronic passcode.

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